Still Rising

Hello Passengers!

Good day! Are you ready to join me again in outer space?

It’s Captain Wally here to announce that from another ground zero, we are still rising.

We are committed to continuing our good work giving humans a joyful social adventure traveling around our solar system. FLIGHT18 resists persistent fascism, fear and loathing by building a community centered on our humanness, providing a place to celebrate being citizens of Planet Earth.

From launch to landing, FLIGHT18’s responsive experience offers each ensemble of passengers an opportunity to feel free.

The new opportunity of our “physical distancing” is bringing us a wonderful moment to reach across the world to make new friends. To build bridges. To get closer.

2021 will see the unveiling of our earthbound Starship lifting off from Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
We started from the bottom now we’re here.

Check out our new Brief History video!

And here’s the link to our support page.

Will you please consider becoming a part of this endeavor by supporting our effort financially or in some other way?

FLIGHT18 is still rising and we want to take you along the way.

Thank you for your support!