The Earth Flag Pin


Dear Earth Humans, 

We are nearing the 21st anniversary of the genesis of FLIGHT18, three spins of seven years. The dream continues to sharpen in focus as we expand year after year. 2023 brought us much closer to the Spaceship Kaleidoscope with design drawings by Benjamin Jones and alien design by Efe-Anthony Ede. We also had our …

And the Pitch!

The Pitch Deck is currently under construction. Find out where we’ve been to imagine where we are going:


FLIGHT18 / Kaleidoscoping

SATURDAYS in JUNE @ NOON, 2022 @ Anita’s Way, Times Square c/o chashama

Independent space travel for free people. Come one and all to Kaleidoscope! Here we will mirror and multiple each other’s patterns along the long stage of Anita’s Way. Grande finale through Times Square? Everything is possible. Fun first.

FLIGHT18 has provided space travel for …


January 12, 2022 marks the twentieth anniversary of the inception of FLIGHT18 and the twelfth anniversary of our Maiden Voyage. Today we are still engaged in the struggle with the patriarchy and the capitalist fascist state by giving humans a place to feel free. Times could not be more dire and in need of an …

Game On

Dear Passengers,

The space race has never stopped. Indeed not only are more people closer to adventuring outside of Earth’s gravity but we are closer to recognizing officially that extra-terrestrials have been visiting and/or collaborating with humans for many, many years.

Our work here at FLIGHT18 continues to expand. Today we received a drawing of the …