“The rocket’s engines rumble, the earth simulation rooms are readied for the homesick, and bubbles pour forth from the ceiling. Welcome to “Flight18,” a free-spirited experimental theater piece and joyride.” – Andy Gensler, New York Times

“As theatrical experiences go, “Flight18” was otherworldly indeed. … The audience is not just along for the ride, they are told. They are part of it. … Each bit begets another, so dizzying and unexpected that by the time a crew member takes off all her clothes and gives shoulder massages to the audience, it registers as a tame sideshow in a panoply of distractions.” – Carl Glassman, Tribeca Tribune

“While Flight18 is not a children’s show, it is a great chance to find your own inner child.” –

“Flight18 proved to be a wonderfully eccentric and unique night of theatre. Structured as, what I want to say, a nightclub/party/fieldtrip/performance/poetry slam, I had a blast, made some cool new friends, and learned how to let go and not be self-conscious. … Everyone was so friendly. I came alone, yet never felt alone. I mingled with the other audience members, the flight attendants, the captain and crew. … Captain Wally masterfully rendered a mind-bending theatre experience. I highly recommended this show for those brave enough to step outside the normal conventions of theater and enter a fun, innovative, highly audience-interactive show.” – Sarah Congress,

“Flight18 – The Cosmic Joyride is just that. It’s a performance-art space trip through the universe performed by an attractive, lively cast of flight attendants (dancers, singers, actors) in the manner of a structured “Happening” from the ‘60’s. … Don’t go unless you want to have an exciting, free-form journey that will have you smiling and having fun for an hour and a half.”  – Richmond Shepard,

“This offbeat adventure in which “the only rule is to feel free” intrigued me long before I entered the performance space, as I had not an average curtain of 7pm or 8pm, but a 7:07pm flight departure. … What followed was a partly planned, partly improvised evening conducted by a captain, flight crew, and yes, a DJ. At one point, I wrote down a log of questions that myself and the other travelers posed to aliens. At another point, I watched my friend slide down a stripper pole. At another point, I took a nap on very comfortable foam padding. I hula hooped, ate an apple, danced with strangers, played cards and made a paper airplane. I watched one flight attendant deliver a poem in Spanish, I watched another sing in Chinese. It was a totally unpredictable, bizarre, experience. But I have to say, I was into it the whole time.

It’s hard to convey the gist of this event, but I recommend FLIGHT18 for those who want an off-the-beaten-path theatrical endeavor. If you are willing to let your guard down, leave your cynicism at the door and just roll with it, you will experience a highly imaginative and inventive production surely unlike any other currently running.” – Brett Epstein,