A candle within a crystal star markabah hangs above the interior of the Spaceship Kaleidoscope. A wrap-around projection screen encircles passengers. Each passenger is introduced upon entry.

The Spaceship Kaleidoscope does not use theatrical lighting or LED lights. Welcome aboard.

Music intermixes with Democracy Now!‘s headlines of the day during the boarding procedure.

Aerial view of the Spaceship Kaleidoscope with her central circular stairway that connects to the upper deck:

After launch we always visit the moon. La Luna.

Here’s a view from the cockpit as we interact with Mars.

All sound, light, and projections are controlled from the cockpit where we are graced with our alien collaborators, Eben2 and Fluvius.

We are ready, willing, and able. Artist Benjamin Jones is responsible for the above visualizations of the Spaceship Kaleidoscope in her optimal spatial conditions, modeled after the Daryl Roth Theatre which is 80′ x 45′ with 36′ to the grid.