FLIGHT18 offers¬†affordable space travel for all with¬†round trips through the solar system. Fueled by music, dance and the power of people,¬†FLIGHT18 celebrates the serendipitous wonderment of humanity’s spontaneous combustion among the stars.

Since 2010, the Spaceship Kaleidoscope has taken passengers on cosmic joyrides to commune with our inner and outer space. With a growing narrative, extra-terrestrials, Flight Attendants, and our intrepid world citizens on board, everyone chooses the adventure, going out as far as possible.

The Kaleidodrome, the on-line and in-person spaceport, is always open for people to come together to celebrate the moment, the planet Earth, and our place in space.

Literally, now more than ever, we need to stand up for freedom in the face of fascism, and exaltation in the face of annihilation. We must wield fun as our gun, blasting non-violence and peace wherever we go. We will activate and celebrate the movement toward progress. We will be a marvelous work of public art, forever of its time and ahead of the casual acceptance of mediocrity. We will be excellence where the mundane have settled in. We need to awaken the people to their own power in the Universe in order to manifest a better world. Love or die.

FLIGHT18 is born of the land that once belonged to the Lenape and Canarsie tribes. In harmony with Mother Earth and humanity, FLIGHT18 is also in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the call to re-imagine our country with equity, human dignity, justice, peace and art for all.

“The Cosmic Game” by Thievery Corporation (Ft David Byrne)