The Earth Flag Pin


Dear Earth Humans, 

We are nearing the 21st anniversary of the genesis of FLIGHT18, three spins of seven years. The dream continues to sharpen in focus as we expand year after year. 2023 brought us much closer to the Spaceship Kaleidoscope with design drawings by Benjamin Jones and alien design by Efe-Anthony Ede. We also had our sit-down with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! In autumn, we explored our movement practice with Kaleidoscoping workshops. And the cherry on top of it all – the newly minted Earth Flag Pin. 

The Spaceship Kaleidoscope has proudly flown the Earth flag since we began our wandering years in 2016. In October 2023, extensive online research showed that no one on Earth had yet made an Earth Flag Pin. The time had come. With the help of Samantha at Pinpoint Brooklyn, we gave birth to the first Earth Flag Pin. 

A first run of a new pin produces no less than 100 pins, so it has become our gift to 2024, disseminated amongst family and friends. Here’s what the accompanying note reads:

Wear it and declare to all that you are the subject of only one nation, your imagination. Further, you are a Citizen of the World, an Earth human mutually responsible to care for Mother Nature, and to be a friend of all peoples.

The 18 stars remind us of our galactic Life we’re blessed to share. The crescent moon is also present with the potential for change.

Thank you for shining your light in the darkness.

Til peace, liberty, equity, justice,

Health, education, and arts for all,

With gratitude and love,



In the future, it will be our new ‘peace pin’ that we’ll offer to our Honored Guests on FLIGHT18. 

Long may the Earth Flag fly and may it inspire us to feed, care for, educate, and house every human being on Earth. 

The adage remains: One world or none! 

With abundant gratitude and 

best wishes for your continual expansion,

Captain Wally