January 12, 2022 marks the twentieth anniversary of the inception of FLIGHT18 and the twelfth anniversary of our Maiden Voyage. Today we are still engaged in the struggle with the patriarchy and the capitalist fascist state by giving humans a place to feel free. Times could not be more dire and in need of an all-hands-on-deck approach to pull us back from the brink of many disasters. Indeed there is every reason to celebrate the successes we see worldwide; in Chile, Barbados, Honduras, Sweden, Tanzania, Kosovo, Moldova and many others where women will finally be at the helm. Up with the Matriarchy!

Over the past six years, Captain Wally has been finishing a labor of love with his new screenplay entitled Citizen of the World about the sailor/philosopher George Dibbern and his boat Te Rapunga. Upon its completion, Wally looks forward to getting FLIGHT18 back in his wheelhouse. Both offerings are here to offer the best for our collective present and future. In George, we have a hero who quests to be a bridge for all humanity before, during and after leaving Nazi Germany. Similarly, Spaceship Kaleidoscope 2, is here to make contact with ourselves, each other and our planet.

2021 has been a collection of missteps on the road of progress filled with screenplay drafts and designs. Check out FLIGHT18’s podcast cover we will not be using for various reasons:

We did get a glimpse this year of a rough draft of what the Spaceship Kaleidoscope 2 (SK2) will look like. New details include: a James Terrell-inspired ceiling that transforms to a window on the Universe, a slide and a dance platform floating in midair. This is not exactly what it will look like at all but it’s a start. NOTE: Captain Wally is currently looking for a SketchUp artist to finish the drawings and virtual model of SK2.

When Captain Wally returns he will directly respond to the USA’s National Intelligence report of June 2021 titled, Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena calling into question the obvious omissions and false narratives. Furthermore, two rich white men have joined the space race and will be served notice that FLIGHT18 is the first to provide non-commercial earthbound space travel for all. And our passengers go further, for longer, if you catch our drift. After that, we’ll begin our sojourn back to the public eye with an in-depth interview with author and expert Alan Steinfeld about his thirty years of experience interviewing contactees and his newly released book, Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence.

We will continue to take it one day at a time moving forward with respect, invention and community celebration. We will be dancing into new dimensions with each ensemble of passengers who manifest the party they seek.

George Dibbern dreamt of a boat made of love, made of a voluntary love, where everyone believes in good will toward all. FLIGHT18 and SK2 is an embodiment of that quest, to be a hub for humanity, a catalyst for courage in the face of darkening times.

We invite you on the new Love Boat. 2022 will bring us closer to reality until one day we’ll be cruising through the stars together and again. If you want to support our endeavor please share funds then please donate to FLIGHT18 through Fractured Atlas here.

With gratitude, love to all and our best wishes for a healthy and expansive new year. Per aspera ad astra.