Hello Passengers

FLIGHT18 will launch again for a series of cruises beginning 01.21.21. Each  adventure will be broadcast and archived as a podcast. Now we are building financial reserves and getting the Starship ready for cosmic travel. Will you please consider supporting our efforts?

Passengers will be invited on board in March 2021.

When we invite passengers on board we will also bring back our ensemble who has blossomed and grown since our last forays through our solar system. Among them are Rachel Kann our Cruise Director who has become a Kohenet and Shaman, Shoko Tamai who continues to dance around the globe exploring her Ninja Ballet and there’s Summer Minerva who sought their roots in Italy unearthing the ancient third gender tradition of the femminielli of Napoli (documentary to follow).

I have been on board a 32-foot ketch name Te Rapunga as I write a screenplay based on the life of the first self-proclaimed Citizen of the World, George Dibbern.

It’s great to be back on this website. Over these many years I have been flying we are constantly perfecting the main archive of sounds, songs and speeches that make up the engine of the Starship. Everything is gold. She is a machine that can set us free.

Thank you for sharing in this creation. Looking forward.

Ad astra,

Captain Wally