Nov 18


Welcome.  Thanks for visiting our hub for humanity, this gangway to the stars. 

FLIGHT18 is an interactive experience taking audiences through the universe with music, dance aboard the Spaceship Kaleidoscope.

This site celebrates the first fourteen years of

Below you will find videos and press quotes.  Documents in the Memory Vault tell our story.

FLIGHT18 continues with a new name SPACEFLIGHT18. 

Please visit for current news and future launch schedules.

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“A wonderfully eccentric and unique night … a mind-bending cosmic dimension … for those brave enough to step outside normal conventions and enter a fun, innovative and highly interactive experience.”  –

POSTER“It’s a totally unpredictable, bizarre, experience. … If you are willing to let your guard down, leave your cynicism at the door and just roll with it, you will experience a highly imaginative and inventive off-beat adventure.  BOTTOM LINE: Weird and random?  Pretty much.  Creative and one-of-a-kind?  For sure.”  –

“While FLIGHT18 is not a children’s show, it’s a great chance to find your inner child.” –

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Ad Astra Per Aspera!

With love and gratitude! 

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