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FLIGHT18 will return passengers to outer space in the future under the new name SPACEFLIGHT18.

We are currently looking for producers.

Take a cosmic joyride through outer space. 

Revel on board the Spaceship Kaleidoscope within a panoramic view of our Universe.

Come on board Captain Wally’s Spaceship Kaleidoscope and journey non-stop through the great beyond.

Contact us at FLIGHT18@mindspring.com

or CLICK on SUPPORT for the links to the different ways you can support the rise of spacedance.

Here’s a dance video from FLIGHT18: the cosmic joyride

“A wonderfully eccentric and unique night … a mind-bending cosmic dimension … for those brave enough to step outside normal conventions and enter a fun, innovative and highly interactive experience.”   – Sarah Congress, nytheatre.com

“It’s a totally unpredictable, bizarre, experience. … If you are willing to let your guard down, leave your cynicism at the door and just roll with it, you will experience a highly imaginative and inventive off-beat adventure.  BOTTOM LINE: Weird and random?  Pretty much.  Creative and one-of-a-kind?  For sure.”  – Brett Epstein, theasy.com

here’s our ol’ poster


“While FLIGHT18 is not a children’s show, it’s a great chance to find your inner child.”                     – nycgo.com

Loving with reckless abandon is the best act of revolution Because we are less different than we are the same Because there is no game to win
It is just this interconnectedness that blesses us.
‒  Rachel Kann

We are here to bring together Earthlings in celebration of the life we are living and the worlds to come.   FLIGHT18 supports the broadening global community who are aware, awake and alive.

FLIGHT18 tested flight capabilities in 2010 with a grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council to great success.  In 2012, with support from chashama and 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center, FLIGHT18 flew people through the Universe with surround celestial views, music, poetry, dance and interaction.

And here’s a word to our sponsor, the Universe.

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Love and gratitude!


Every donation will be gratefully rewarded.

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