2018 Captain’s Logs

Captain’s Log: 11.20.2018 Brooklyn

I worked literally for 24 hours straight without a break, barely eating a thing. A testament that I CAN do it all by myself. I am completely in control of my ship. I trucked everything to the House of Yes, set everything up and when the event was over I wrapped it up and brought all the materials back. From 11:30pm to 4am we flew ten flights taking well over two hundred people safely through the cosmos. It was thrilling. FLIGHT18 attendants Summer, Shoko and Edwardo made it all happen and then some.

Captain’s Log:   6.24.2018   Brooklyn

The President of the United States of America has gone too far for as long as I can remember. The state of our Union gets more depraved every day. The way he speaks of our fellow human beings who seek America’s asylum degrades us today even more than signing a bill to create a Space Force shamed us yesterday.

I look around and I don’t see any real plan to slow the Trump Train down so I turn to myself again. Not surprisingly I find that now, like in the past sixteen years, my best answer continues to be FLIGHT18 (Spaceflight18, Kaleidoscoping …) our “feel free environment”, where people of all ages can play outside the laws of time and space.

It has been a long love affair and I am still devoted and eager to take the next steps toward opening a 24/7 hub for humanity.

Imagine a non-stop soul train of cosmic love for all.

We are a growing collection of creative and fearless individuals who can manifest a space filled with peace and joy. If the creative spirit will lead this revolution we have to first get on our feet, and like Emma Goldman said, the resistance must dance. Through our exploration of space and time, sound and music, image and light we can come together as Earth’s human race to celebrate and heal each other.

Inevitably we will reach for the stars again. I’m happy to report that the Universe continues to conspire in her mysterious ways to bring us back to outer space. At present we have retired the Spaceship Kaleidoscope and her cosmic joyride, after taking over 2,000 passengers off the planet from 2010 to 2017.

For our next voyage we are manifesting Starship18 and the Cosmicruise and we are going further out than ever before by the grace of one of the greatest space pilots on the planet. No joke, VJ LadyFirefly has joined our vessel! Check her out at http://acres.space/firefly. Together with Technical Producer Ted Pallas the possibilities of our space journeying are truly endless. We are wildly grateful to working with them both.

Each of us believes in the people of the growing awareness and our ability to meet the challenges of the present day with love, compassion and spontaneity.

Wanna be a part of it? You are welcome aboard as always. With your help we can make it back to the stars.

We are looking for a launch pad and rehearsal space.

We are also upgrading our technologies.

We need financial assistance above all.

We also have production support opportunities.

With your help, everything can happen.

You are cordially invited to help us get back into outer space!

Would you like to get involved? Please email me, Captain Wally, at ebwally@mindspring.com

Would you like to support us financially? We can put a lot of money to good use. Please go to our support page here: 

That’s all everyone. Thank you for being here.

Forward please.

Rising up one day at a time.

Until we are free at last,

Captain Wally


24 June, 2018


Captain’s Log:   1.2.2018   Brooklyn.

This is the beginning.

Here. Now. Now. Here.