Frequently Asked Questions

Is FLIGHT18 performance art?

FLIGHT18 is a hub for humanity, a gangway to the cosmos.  It’s a public art performance, one-third close interaction with the public, one-third performance and one-third integration of the visual and performing arts.

Is FLIGHT18 a scripted work of experimental theater?

FLIGHT18 is an experience that plays with a fluid script as it uses crowd-sourcing for new material.

Is there a synopsis of what actually occurs?

Each passenger is interviewed and photographed during check-in (anonymously, as a fantasy person or themselves). After they sign the logbook everyone enters the Spaceship Kaleidoscope with an announcement of their arrival. This allows all passengers to be introduced before safety instructions and lift-off.   While dancing we rise up and enter outer space for our round-trip cruise through our solar system. We travel freely before agreeing to return home to Earth. Along the way, everything is possible.

What is the objective of FLIGHT18?

To bring people together in celebration of the connection to our liberty, Earth, and galaxy.

How do live audiences factor into FLIGHT18?

Each collection of passengers provides a snapshot of humanity. This is like Humans of New York meets a cosmic Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Everyone gets into the game.  Passengers can create and submit art, music, poetry and/or a one-minute video postcards addressed to Earthlings and/or to extra-terrestrial life.

What is the inspiration behind FLIGHT18?

The events that followed September 11, 2001 spurred us forward to work toward a creative response to the pervading fear in this world.  This is an antidote, a place where people can come together  in an experience that can reinvent itself according to the real people in the act.  Finally, the continual discoveries that are being made in today’s astronomy inspire us deeply, along with the mysteries of telepathy and space travel.

How can you support FLIGHT18?

Every donation counts and will be used wisely.

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